Care Instructions

Washing Care

Wash and condition hair and unit regularly.

Detangle hair gently before Washing. Do not rub or twist hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of tangles. Start combing from the ends of the hair and slowly work your way to the top. This will help to avoid breakage from tugging on the hair.

Rinse hair with cool water. Add mild shampoo and gently massage hair till clean. Rinse thoroughly.

Add conditioner to hair to preserve moisture and texture. You may allow your hair to soak in conditioner for better results. Rinse thoroughly.

Cover the hair with a towel to soak up the water on it and dry the hair naturally. Make sure your cap is open while drying to ensure complete dryness.

Comb curly hair gentle with your fingers. Avoid using a brush. You may use a wide tooth comb on straight or wavy hair.

Helpful Tips

Never use too much heat on your hair.

Remove medal combs/clips when applying steam or heat to your unit.

Avoid cutting the weft or wig cap. It will cause serious shedding and ruin your unit.

Contact us at for additional help.

Lace Install Instructions

Braid the hair in cornrows and thoroughly wash hands to prepare for handling your Lace.

Remove all oils by using rubbing alcohol or witch hazel.

Cut off excess lace in the front of the wig. Be very careful not to cut the hair.

Use the elastic band and place the wig on the head to check the positioning of the hairline.

Use clips/combs inside the cap to secure your unit.

Style as you desire.